An amnesty period has been declared by the IESL to apply for reinstatement of membership. This is valid until 16th Sep 2020

The Council of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), decided to provide an Amnesty Period of 6 months for those whose membership lapsed due to non- payment of membership fee, consecutively for more than three years. This special amnesty period is valid only from 16th March 2020 to 16thSeptember 2020.

Please settle your overdue membership fee before the deadline. It will be calculated based on the current year subscription rate, number of years in arrears and a 25% surcharge on the total [(current year subscription rate x no of years in arrears) + 25% surcharge on total]. You need to submit only the information pertaining to the lapsed membership (if requested). However, you will be issued a new membership number if your membership is lapsed for more than 3 years. For those whose membership is lapsed for less than three years, the existing membership number can continually be used after settling the membership arrears.

To check the guidelines please visit our website and click “Membership Reinstatement Process” sub-menu. To access online application, please login to our MIS ( by entering your credentials (Username and Password). For any assistance please click “How to Login to MIS” sub-menu of the website.

This amnesty period will come to an end on 16th September, 2020 and the current process for reinstatement/readmission will be strictly applied from 16th September 2020 onwards. For any clarifications in this regard, please contact Mr. Madushan on 071-1075752 or Manager Membership on 071-0229977 of the IESL or send an email to with a copy to

Please note that, according to the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka Act, No. 4 of 2017, it is mandatory to register in the Engineering Council, Sri Lanka (ECSL) to engage in the practice of engineering profession in Sri Lanka. ECSL does not register any person as an engineering practitioner (other than Engineering Technicians), unless the application for registration is authorized by the relevant professional body to which such person belongs.

For Chartered Engineer, Associate Engineer and Affiliate Engineer categories, the authorized professional body is the IESL (Rule 42 of ECSL Act). Being an active Member of the IESL in one of the Classes of Members (IESL By-law no 2.iii. a) namely, Corporate Member, Associate Member or Affiliate Member respectively, you will automatically become eligible to register in the ECSL as an engineering practitioner in relevant categories.

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Posted on 2020-05-03